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Bringing you some of the best transmission rebuilders Edmonton has to offer, Can-West is here to solve all your transmission issues. There are many factors that can lead to a transmission failure. With all the variable parts of a transmission, it is crucial to maintain equilibrium of all its working parts.

As with most car parts, heat and friction have detrimental effects that can lead to a transmission failing. That is why we recommend regular maintenance as well as transmission oil changes.

Transmission Installations & Repairs

Since 1978, Can-West Transmission Parts has done quality transmission installations. Our technicians are experienced and skilled in handling a variety of transmissions. From automatic to standard transmissions, our installation technicians live up to our reputation of delivering high-quality service.

Transmission Oil Changes

According to the ATRA, 90% of all transmission failures are caused by overheating. Though there are some types of heat that are unavoidable, such as running your automobile on a hot summer’s day. You can minimize frictional heat sources by replacing your transmission oils every 30,000 miles or as recommended by your part manufacturer. This will eliminate contaminants and fluid loss that can cause excessive friction that leads to heat and transmission failure.

Transmission Cooler Installation

Transmission coolers are a great way to dissipate the heat that naturally comes from your transmission.

For an effective transmission cooler installation, it’s best to go with a professional installation. A professional installation by Can-West Transmission Parts will ensure that the transmission cooler receives adequate airflow and yet be shielded from road debris such as rocks and glass.

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High-Performance Custom Transmission Builds

Whether you’re a commuting warrior or racing the strip on the weekends, we can create a high-performance custom transmission that will outperform standard transmissions.

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