Transmission Fluid Replacement in Edmonton, AB

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Time to Check / Change Your Transmission Fluid?

Did you know your transmission’s fluid should be changed according to an appropriate service schedule? If yes, then you’re already ahead of most vehicle owners. The truth is that there are varying opinions about the transmission fluid replacement service. Some manufacturers and mechanics will have different opinions about when and if a vehicle’s transmission fluid should be changed. Some manufacturers will say will say that vehicles can go 100,000+ miles without checking or changing transmission fluid. And many mechanics will say that transmission fluid should be changed much sooner and more often. Even though professional auto repair shops and manufacturers have a lot of experience with auto services, Can-West Transmission in Edmonton, AB is dedicated specifically to transmissions. Anything having to do with the quality performance of your transmission should be brought to our specialists. Can-West Transmissions knows how to diagnose and identify your transmission’s unique needs. Manual transmission are typically on a different schedule for transmission services as well.

Transmission Fluid Flushes–Improve Overall Performance

Like all other engine fluids, the transmission fluid will break down over time and become ineffective. Your vehicle’s purposes, its age, and your driving habits will determine the condition of its transmission fluid. This ultimately determines how crucial a transmission fluid replacement is for your vehicle. Instead of using a hard and fast rule, owners should consult one of our transmission service experts to make sure their transmission is in excellent condition. In general, the more heat that’s generated by your vehicle’s transmission because of hard driving, towing, or excessive speeds, the more the transmission fluid will deteriorate. Your transmission’s performance will certainly be compromised without quality fluids. Our team takes care of automatic and manual transmissions by performing all of the necessary services. Having one of our knowledgeable technicians on hand, you’ll always know what’s best for your vehicle. No more guessing based on various opinions. Let our experts enhance every driving experience.

Schedule Your Transmission Fluid Replacement Today!

Can-West Transmissions is here to protect your vehicle’s transmission. Any repair or service need that you have should come to us first! We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives you the insight to make informed service decisions. Let us know your questions and concerns and we’ll provide the right answers and service solutions. Give us a call today to schedule a transmission fluid replacement. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by our facility to meet our team. We gladly accept all walk-ins and look forward to serving you. To save time, go ahead and schedule your next transmission fluid replacement using our convenient online scheduling system.