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Lubegard Products

We offer bulk case quantitiy discounts – call us for more details!

LUBEGARD® COMPLETE Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Price: $23.95 per bottle (1qt) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount! We also offer 6 gallon bulk box for $335.00 (that’s only $13.96 per qt!!)

Engineered to meet or exceed OEM requirements where lower viscosity ATF is required.

  • Fluids requiring a reduced viscosity ATF like LUBEGARD COMPLETE Full Synthetic ATF:
    • ZF Lifegard 6
    • Toyota WS
    • Honda DW-1
    • Nissan Matic-s
  • World class replacement for synthetic low viscosity ATF
  • Formulated to meet OEM requirements for sheer stability, long term frictional stability, superior shift quality and anti-shudder properties
  • Backwards compatible to replace DEXRON/MERCON, Honda applications that call for Z-1 ATF and more
  • For a complete list of replaceable ATFs give us a call!

LUBEGARD® PLATINUM® Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant

Price: $22.95 per bottle (10oz) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount!

Eliminates ATF confusion and the need to stock multiple ATF’s. For use as a ATF protectant or as a supplement to a generic base ATF for an OEM equivalent fluid.

  • For use with any ATF (except Ford Type F or CVT)
  • Contains same benefits as OEM endorsed LUBEGARD® ATF protectant
  • Contains patented Synergol® TMS technology, which will not alter the crucial sulfur balance in ATF, or harm yellow metals
  • Enhances DEXRON®/MERCON® fluids to perform like:
    • MERCON V®
    • Honda Genuine, Z-1
    • Hyundai SP III
    • Toyota Type T, TII, TIV
    • Mopar ATF +3, +4
    • Mitsubishi Diamond SP, SP III
    • Saturn Transaxle Fluid
    • Sterling ATF
    • …..and many more!


Price: $18.95 per bottle (1qt) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount!

Eliminate the need to stock various OEM CVT fluids with this universal formula. For use in most types of continuously variable transmission-including belt and chain types.

  • Provides longer anti-shudder performance
  • Excellent wear protection for belts and pulleys to protect against fatigue damage
  • Minimizes friction to help maintain the performance
  • Engineered for both shear and oxidation stability
  • Formulated for excellent cold weather performance
  • Prevents sludge and varnish build up

LUBEGARD® Kooler Kleen™ Trans Flush

Price: $22.95 per can (13.25oz) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount!

Kooler Kleen is used, endorsed, designed and approved by multiple OEM’s to safely flush contaminants from the transmission cooler and lines to prevent them from entering newly installed transmissions.

  • Removes grease, dirt, sludge, grime and metal shavings
  • No water/soapy residue
  • Ideal for shops without a flushing machine
  • Essential for shops that ship out transmissions
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents
  • Formulated to not harm seals or degrade new automatic transmission fluid
  • Helps prevent costly comebacks

LUBEGARD® BIO/TECH Engine Oil Protectant

Price: $16.50 per bottle (10oz) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount!

This bio-synthetic formula is the only product of its kind that provides additional lubricity protection to any engine oil, plus eliminates harmful cold starts and reduces internal friction. It improves an engine`s overall performance by increasing power, mileage and overall life.

  • Optimizes engine performance and horsepower
  • Eliminates lifter and other objectionable noise on start-up
  • Ensures smoother running engines
  • Reduces hot engine oil temperatures
  • Improves friction and wear performance over major brands of motor oil
  • Blends with ALL motor oils currently produced
  • Helps reduce smoking by restoring flexibility to valve stem seals for improved sealing, also providing outstanding upper cylinder lubricity as it frees up sticking rings.

Dr Tranny® Assemblee Goo™

Price: $23.95 per tub (16oz) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount!

Dr Tranny Assemblee Goo is the best-selling assembly lubricant formulated for any assembly application. Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures, will not clog filters and is compatible with all transmission fluids.

  • Available in two different tacks Blue (light) and Green (firm)
  • Dyed to prevent misdiagnosing leaks
  • Effective to 130°F (Green) or 116°F (Blue)
  • Not harmful with prolonged skin contact
  • Contains rust inhibitor
  • Adhesive strength up to 1.1lb

Dr Tranny® Instant Shudder Fixx

Price: $14.50 per tube (2oz) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount!

A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for eliminating torque converter shudder problems-instantly.

  • The original shudder fix used by transmission professionals to eliminate shudder problems
  • Results are immediate, no waiting
  • For use in any automatic transmission fluid
  • NOT for use in Ford Type F or CVT applications

Lubegard CVT Recharge & Protect

Price: $19.95 per bottle (10 oz) Multiples of 12 get a 10% discount!

Use with CVT transmissions to reduce noise and enhance anti-shudder performance through restoring additive components essential for optimizing performance.

  • Specifically formulated for CVT Transmissions
  • Protects belt/chain, pulleys and other components from excessive wear
  • Maintains belt traction
  • Lubricates and protects seasls without risk of shrinking or swelling
  • Increases heat stability of the fluid