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Get Quality Aftermarket Transmission Parts in Edmonton

We carry rebuilt transmissions, shift kits, torque converters, transmission coolers, and specialty rebuilding parts and kits.

Rebuilt Transmissions

Save money and go with one of our rebuilt transmissions. All of our rebuilt transmissions are fitted with quality parts and inspected by a trained technician.

Shift Kits

Shift kits really can help a transmission’s performance when up-shifting. This is especially true if you’re looking to create a performance transmission.

Transmission Coolers

We sell and install transmission coolers to extend the lifetime and performance of your transmission. We recommend an expert installation to maximize your transmission cooler’s proper functioning.

Torque Converters

Whether you’re looking for a high-stall torque converter, a billeted diesel torque converter, or a factory replacement torque converter – We’ve Got You Covered! We’ll help you find the correct torque converter to match your automobile’s torque curve. This will help with energy efficiency and prevent overheating.

We also carry rebuilt transfer cases, flywheels, coolers and additional parts.