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Transmission Service & Parts in Edmonton Since 1978

Top-Notch Transmission Rebuilds & Replacements

When it comes to your vehicle’s performance problems, there are some repairs that might attempt to do yourself. As any experienced technician will tell you, the transmission should be left to the professionals. Even many general repair shops will agree. Can-West Transmission in Edmonton, AB is the local go-to facility for complex transmission services. You don’t have time and money to waste, and we wouldn’t dare waste either. You’ll receive an accurate transmission diagnosis that always gets you services started in the right direction.

Family Owned & Operated–Transmission Repairs You Can Trust!

Our team has seen it all when it comes to transmission service. Any transmission issue you have can be diagnosed and fixed completely by our transmission service experts. Come to Can-West before you spend too much money on a transmission replacement that you don’t even need. We only perform the transmission repairs that are necessary. Not only will you receive the correct service, but it’ll be complete and affordable. We’ll protect your wallet while preserving your vehicle’s quality performance. We’ve been providing Edmonton drivers exceptional transmission repair service for decades. Whether their vehicle’s burning up the racetrack or a safe and reliable part of a carpool, Can-West Transmission is always the right choice.

Aftermarket Transmission Parts & Installations

Our expert technicians are more than just hands-on service providers, we also select, sell, and install the appropriate parts for your transmission. We only use the best quality aftermarket transmission parts. Save money by letting our experienced team guide you through the transmission repair process. Transmission rebuilds are difficult enough without using the wrong parts. Take advantage of our expertise by letting our technicians perform all transmission repairs, rebuilds, replacements, and installations using high-quality parts. You can expect a higher standard of transmission service when you leave your vehicle in the hands of our specialists.

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Dependability is the most important characteristic of any repair shop. Can-West Transmission is Edmonton’s go-to facility for any transmission service needs for that very reason. Customers can say with confidence, “If Can-West can’t fix it, no one can.” Make us your first and last stop for any transmission repairs or maintenance needs. As members of the ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), we’re able to provide effective services at a reasonable price. Stop by the next time you’re in the area, and find out how and why we’re Edmonton’s preferred alternative to the dealerships! Give us a call or use our convenient online scheduling system to get started today!