How a Transmission Rebuild Can Keep You Out of Trouble

What is a Transmission Rebuild? Why Would I Need One?

Think about all the things you might spend your money on if you’re not at the auto shop having your transmission rebuilt.  You might spend too much at the shopping mall or at that fancy bakery down the street.  Or perhaps your wild side will have you taking risks on a whitewater river adventure.  Better to be safe and stay on land, right?  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to be optimistic when an inconvenience such as a transmission issue enters the picture.  But do try looking at the positive!  One glimmer of hope is the friendly team at Can-West Transmission Parts in Edmonton!  The team is fully committed to making your experience as stress-free and affordable as possible.  

What is a Transmission Rebuild?

The words pretty much speak for themselves.  When a vehicle’s transmission has to be rebuilt, it’s an extensive mechanical makeover.  First, the transmission has to be removed.  This allows easier access to all parts, which is necessary because they will all need to be removed, inspected, and cleaned.  Damaged parts will be replaced, as will any parts that are susceptible to friction.  Your auto technician will also look into, and perform, any possible manufacturer upgrades so the gearbox will be up to date and free of any design flaws.  Although a transmission rebuild is a major undertaking and is more expensive than other automotive services, it will increase the lift of your vehicle, as well as help to maintain its value.  Also, you won’t have to concern yourself with transmission troubles for a very long time.  

Why Might you Need a Transmission Rebuild?

When you or automotive technicians can’t identify the cause of your vehicle’s transmission troubles, a rebuild is the best way to inspect, repair, and replace all parts to ensure superior performance.  Another reason one might need a complete overhaul of their transmission is if the damage is beyond minor repairs.  You can avoid the need for extensive transmission work by scheduling routine maintenance.  Also, practice healthy habits such as: 

  • Changing transmission fluid according to manufacturer guidelines
  • Letting your car warm up before driving
  • Changing gears only when your car is at a complete stop (if automatic transmission)
  • Getting an annual inspection of your transmission.

If you carry out these preventative measures, you’ll really be keeping yourself out of trouble!

When your transmission isn’t up to par, the trained technicians at Can-West Transmission Parts in Edmonton, have the expertise to properly diagnose the issue and make the correct repair.  Call us today or schedule an appointment online so we can get your vehicle running smoothly again. 

By on December 2nd, 2020 in Transmission Maintenence